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I'm a Bisexual Slut and I Still Won't Sleep with You
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21st-Feb-2006 05:10 pm(no subject)
An article which claims that study shows women to more likely be bisexual.Collapse )

I just find the idea of a study that finds only .3 percent of the male population being attracted to other men (I think that they were implying that the men identified heterosexual) very misleading. Is it the case that men don't want to admit their attraction? This article seems to imply that it is a chemical factor along with a social, but doesn't explain what that chemical association is. I really want to find this study and see what it really says.

PS: Why ask a celebrity bisexual what they think? Is this science or stupidity? *shakes her head*
21st-Feb-2006 03:18 pm - Good Book
I just finished reading a fun teen book titled Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan. It is a fabulous love story between to guys (as if the title doesn't indicate that)in high school. The best part was the following section:

"What is it Kyle?"

"I'm so confused."


"I still like girls."


"And I also like guys."

I touch his knee. "It doesn't sound like your confused then."

"But I wanted to be one or the other. With you, I wanted just to kike you. Then, after you, I wanted to just like the girls. But every time I'm with one, I think the other's possible."

"So you're bisexual."

Kyle's face flushes. "I hate that word," he tells me, slumping back in his chair. "It makes it sound like I'm divided."

"When really you're doubled?"


I know some people think liking both guys and girls is a cop-out. Some of Infinite Darlene's biggest rivals save their deepest scorn for the people they call "dabblers." But I think they're totally full of garbage. I don't see why, if I'm wired to like guys, someone else can't be wired to like both girls and guys.

"We could call you an ambisexual. A duosexual. A --"

"Do I really have to find a word for it?" Kyle interrupts. "Can't it just be what it is?"

"Of course," I say, even though in the bigger world I'm not so sure. The world loves stupid labels. I wish we got to choose our own.

We pause for a moment. I wonder if that's all--if he just needed to say the truth and have it heard. But then Kyle looks at me with unsure eyes and says, "You see, I don't know who I'm supposed to be."

"Nobody does," I assure him.

Now you can see why I think this is one of the books that should go on the must read for teens.
25th-Jan-2006 06:59 pm - Favorite Bisexuals
Continuing on the meme of pictures of our favortie bisexuals, I present to you Ms. Meow herself....

And they said, "Let there be lips!"

Image hosting by Photobucket

Angelina Jolie.....you will be mine...one day....hopefully soon....pregnant women are hot! ;-)
24th-Jan-2006 05:26 pm - Let's try some more
arty fox
This is a fun topic. I want to gather together some great pictures of known bisexual people. So if everyone can post a favorite picture of someone bisexual (famous or otherwise) then go right ahead. Here's my start:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I <3 Allen Cumming.
14th-Jan-2006 02:17 am - Brokeback Mountain
This article discusses the acclaim of the "gay" love story in Brokeback mountain. It focuses on the labels associated with the characters and delve both into bisexuality and racial implications.

Check it out.

I'm particularly interested to see what people think about the discussion about "on the down low" and the racial implications thereof.
14th-Dec-2005 12:06 pm - Quiet
Hello? Is there anybody out there? LOL

I'll try and post some more today, but my cable has been down the last week or so and it is hard to get somewhere to write.

Meanwhile, for god(s)(ess) sake, talk about something! ;-)

Oh, in order to be subversive, I must wish all of you Happy Holidays!
2nd-Dec-2005 04:50 pm - WTF?
I gotta say that I love any article that quotes Susie Bright. Yummy!

Firestorm Over Bisexuality in Times

GLAAD, Task Force assail story suggesting most bis not owning up to their orientation


The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has joined bisexual advocacy groups in condemning a front-page story in The New York Times’ science section on July 5 titled “Straight, Gay or Lying?: Bisexuality Revisited.”

The article said that a new study that “casts doubt on whether true bisexuality exists, at least in men.”

Matt Foreman, executive director of the Task Force, said, “We remain stunned that The New York Times science section would carry such a shoddy, sensationalistic and downright insulting story. It and the profoundly flawed ‘study’ it purports to cover are laced with biased premises, misstatements and inaccuracies. It equates sexual orientation with sexual arousal, as supposedly measured by a crude device—considered highly suspect by researchers—in the hands of an individual with a long history of controversial research.”

To read the rest of the article...Collapse )
2nd-Dec-2005 01:11 am - Iran
I can't even imagine living like this.

"Earlier this year, rights groups the world over were outraged when two teenagers: Mahmoud Asgari, 16, and Ayaz Marhoni, 18, were publically hanged on 19 July in Mashad, provincial capital of Iran's northeastern Khorasan province, on charges of homosexuality."

They were apparently beaten with 288 lashes and kept in a prison for a year before that.

If you can stomach it, read the article here.
2nd-Dec-2005 01:00 am(no subject)
In this article about HIV, I found the implications a little weird.

The first part of the article states:

In the first study of lesbian and bisexual women living in small towns and their behavior and knowledge concerning HIV, researchers have found that a significant percentage of them may be at risk for contracting the virus. While some of the women may believe being lesbian or bisexual protects them, their high-risk behavior puts them in danger of contracting HIV, according to the study published in the current issue of Public Health Reports, a journal of the U.S. Public Health Service. Researchers from the University of Washington and the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee surveyed more than a thousand women who frequented gay bars in 16 cities and found that their sexual behavior and risk of contracting HIV are comparable to a group of San Francisco lesbian and bisexual women surveyed in 1995.

Now doesn't that sound like they are saying that the woman are slutting around as much as SF's lesbians and thus contracting the disease? And yet, the article goes on:

"We didn't find any evidence of woman-to-woman transmission of HIV. All of the women who were infected reported intravenous drug use or having unsafe sex with a man, (more) but we can't rule out other explanations. A women may have become infected in some other way, such as through a blood transfusions or artificial inseminations. Although the biologic risk of HIV infection through female-to-female sex remains unknown, it shouldn't be ignored."

Look, I'm all for safe sex practices, but this is a bit ridiculous. Don't try to insinuate that promiscuity between women has led to higher HIV factors if they just aren't there. No, female-female sex should not be ignored, but if it is minimal, please don't create things either.
1st-Dec-2005 05:58 pm - Weird
Ottercat pointed me to a site that compiles lists of quotes from conservatives. This one got an appropriate award, I think.

Alternate Bizarro Universe Award

"Gays want to ascribe their guilt and shame to repression of society, but I don't really know of many places where anyone is shamed for being gay in this day and age."

Roger, Blogcritics

*can't think of anything else to say so she just walks away*
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