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I'm a Bisexual Slut and I Still Won't Sleep with You
Good Book 
21st-Feb-2006 03:18 pm
I just finished reading a fun teen book titled Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan. It is a fabulous love story between to guys (as if the title doesn't indicate that)in high school. The best part was the following section:

"What is it Kyle?"

"I'm so confused."


"I still like girls."


"And I also like guys."

I touch his knee. "It doesn't sound like your confused then."

"But I wanted to be one or the other. With you, I wanted just to kike you. Then, after you, I wanted to just like the girls. But every time I'm with one, I think the other's possible."

"So you're bisexual."

Kyle's face flushes. "I hate that word," he tells me, slumping back in his chair. "It makes it sound like I'm divided."

"When really you're doubled?"


I know some people think liking both guys and girls is a cop-out. Some of Infinite Darlene's biggest rivals save their deepest scorn for the people they call "dabblers." But I think they're totally full of garbage. I don't see why, if I'm wired to like guys, someone else can't be wired to like both girls and guys.

"We could call you an ambisexual. A duosexual. A --"

"Do I really have to find a word for it?" Kyle interrupts. "Can't it just be what it is?"

"Of course," I say, even though in the bigger world I'm not so sure. The world loves stupid labels. I wish we got to choose our own.

We pause for a moment. I wonder if that's all--if he just needed to say the truth and have it heard. But then Kyle looks at me with unsure eyes and says, "You see, I don't know who I'm supposed to be."

"Nobody does," I assure him.

Now you can see why I think this is one of the books that should go on the must read for teens.
21st-Feb-2006 09:31 pm (UTC) - "Must Read"
From the looks of that passage, I'd say it sounds more like a must read for all ages. I know I am going to be looking for it now.
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